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Things Udo is Looking Forward to in 2023

A new year is a present. It offers a renewed sense of self—the hope that there’s a chance of living a fuller life and becoming the best version of yourself. For me, another nicely wrapped package that comes with new years is the release of highly anticipated films, tv shows and songs that have been a long time in the making.

The Little Mermaid Live-Action Remake

It was 2019 when I heard that a live-action Little Mermaid was in the works. Naturally, I was excited. The fairy tale was a staple in my life as a young girl.

Source: The Walt Disney Company

I remember watching parts 1 and 2 repeatedly with my younger sister on the box TV set in our sitting room enthralled by the enchanting kingdom and characters with colorful personalities, singing along to impressive musical numbers and living vicariously through a mermaid with lush red hair that was courageous enough to give it all up for love—I’m unsure though, now that I am more grown, how I feel about Ariel giving up her voice, for a man.

Days later, scrolling through Twitter, I would discover that Halle Bailey plays Ariel for the live-action remake and that the film release date is in 2023. This time around, my excitement was through the roof. So was my anger. “What if”, I thought, “I die before 2023”.

Source: The Walt Disney Company

I’m still here, and with each passing day I long to hear Halle’s honeyed vocals sing ‘Part of Your World’ and witness how her resplendent dreadlocks are rendered underwater by CGI . And if I were to be very honest, I long also for front-row viewing of the outpour of tears from those who contend that a black woman isn’t fit for the role of Ariel.

Watch: The Little Mermaid (Live Action) Offical Teaser Trailer

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Visuals

Based on conspiracy theories from the Hive and cryptic Instagram posts from creators that worked with Queen B on her seventh album, Renaissance, I’m anticipating not only its visuals but also Act 2 and 3 of the LP.

Source: Parkwood Entertainment

Renaissance: Act i, is unparalleled—impeccably crafted and simply liberating. The possibility of a part two and three of sheer joy automatically makes this year worth living. As for the visuals which I’m pretty sure will drop this year, I am quite prepared for my mind to be blown. It’s nothing Queen B hasn't done before.

Watch: I’m That Girl (Official Teaser)

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