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The Best Free Courses For Creatives and Business Owners

A creative taking a course on calligraphy on her laptop.
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The internet is a gold mine with a lot of resources to help you in every stage of your career whether you're a writer, artist, designer or any other creative professional looking to take your career to the next level. Against this background, here is a curated list of free courses that offer valuable insights, techniques, and inspiration to propel your career forward and give you the extra direction you need to thrive in your creative journey.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by having to split your time between a lot of things. The mental fatigue of having to work on a lot of things at a time is real and happens to a lot of us. This course will teach you practical ways to achieve balance and proven methods to create a productive, durable and flexible way of working that gets the job done. It is taught by Productivity strategist Mark Cardy.

Who should take the course? Freelancers balancing multiple gigs. Any 9-5er with a calendar full of meetings. Entrepreneurs and any creative generally looking into getting the most out of their time and attaining work-life balance.

The course is made up of 8 video lessons that focus on creating a framework, establishing habits that stick and using the right tools to support your habits and put them into action. The eight lessons make up 45 minutes in total. After taking the class you get to have access to an arsenal of strategies to personalise your productivity and ensure you are getting the right things done.

Content creation is huge on social media so how do you ensure that your content isn't just another content that litters the pile but truly stands out?

Do you want to learn the ways of a true content creator and marketer? Then, this course is for you. This course guarantees you access to core strategies content marketers use to acquire and retain customers and attain profitability. You also learn how to develop, organise and implement an efficient content marketing strategy, analyse and measure the effectiveness of content marketing, write compelling copy, use a strategic framework when writing, put your ideas into action and build your professional brand through content marketing. The course takes about 13 hours to complete. It is taught by Sonia Simone, a chief content officer at Rainmaker Digital LLC.

The internet is saturated with information, so how do you ensure you get your content in the face of those you want to reach? Well, this course answers this question and teaches you everything you need to know about content optimisation. You get to learn about actionable insights and tactics for optimising your content and organically raising the online presence of your business. It is broken into 12 bite-sized video lessons where you will learn how to craft an SEO strategy, learn about the fundamentals of content optimization and get a walk-through of auditing a full site and specific posts. The class is taught by Rand Fishkin the founder of SparkToro and runs for about 1 hour, 30 minutes. After the course, you get access to useful resources, books, conference and event recommendations.

Who should take this course? Well, that’s simple. It’s a course that can be taken by any creative because its fundamentals can be utilised in any scenario.

This course will help you to recognise, develop and act upon the creativity that you already possess. It will also help you to develop creative problem-solving skills using the basic elements of the creative process. It is packed with exciting modules and a flexible deadline which takes approximately 12 hours to complete. The course is taught by Dr. Cyndi Burnett and Dr. John F Cabra who are both associate professors of Creative Studies at The State University of New York.

Want to discover how the voice works, how it can be optimised and how vocal impact can be developed in professional settings? Then this course is for you. This course would help you get gain knowledge of how the voice works, have a chance to experiment with different ways of speaking and increase confidence in your vocal expression.

Who should take this course? Podcasters, persons with experience in public speaking or those that want to tune up in that area, and any other person looking to increase the confidence in their vocal expression.

The course is taught by Voice Coach Emmy Broomfield and runs for approximately 4 hours.

There are numerous sources to improve your skill as a creative out there, these are only a few that will undoubtedly help you!

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