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The Apps That Help The Artist: Keyxx

Welcome to The Apps That Help The Artist. Musta has designed this series to provide specific, technical support. We will interview exciting, up-and-coming creatives on the apps and self-bettering tools that help establish their careers and organize themselves.

In this episode of The Apps That Help This Artist we talk to Keyxx, an artist and graphic designer, on the tools he uses as an independent artist to create the visuals for his music.

Hi Keyxx! Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Samuel Oluwaseun Oluwatuase. I am an independent artist from Ekiti state, Nigeria.

How long have you been an artist?

I started making music professionally in 2019.

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How has the journey been so far?

I’m grateful for the knowledge and experience I’ve gotten over time from the people making music around me and also from bigger artists doing well for the culture. I’m learning and making sure to be consistent so that I can stay relevant not only to myself but also to the little community that loves and listens to the music I make.

What apps help your career and craft as an independent artist?

I usually use After Effects, Photoshop, and InShot to create video content for my music. Aside from being a musician, I am a graphic designer. My knowledge of design gives me an edge and has made things easy for me when it comes to content creation.

What would you say is uniquely the most difficult thing about being an independent artist?

Having to do everything yourself. You need to create content, write songs, sort out post-production, and try to get engagement for your craft by begging people to like a post, tag, comment, and share. But most importantly the financial aspect is most challenging. But I would say that it’s been a blessing and a lesson because I’ve gotten to understand and value the work labels, distributing agencies, and talent management companies put in to make an artist or song reach the right audience.

What social media currently has most of your screen time?

Instagram. For me, it’s user-friendly and with reels, I’ve learned the best ways to promote my content.


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