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Nailah Dossa is a vibrant and experienced model based in London who has worked on projects with clientele such as Paria Farzaneh, H&M, Zalando, L’Oréal, Kopperbeg, Kahlua, Samsung, Stella Artois, Thortful and Tresemme. Although she fell into modelling accidentally, she has successfully carved out a unique lane for her look, representing a category that she didn’t see much of growing up. Now she’s proud to be part of such an exhilarating fast-paced industry where she gets to meet and work with new people, whilst bring brands to life.
Aside from modelling, Nailah is a self proclaimed food and fitness fanatic who loves to box. She’s also a food blogger, a poet and writer, with a keen interest in photography. 

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Height: 170.18cm Waist: 25" Hip: 37" Bust: 34" 
Shoulder: 17.5" Arm: 57" 
Leg: 29" Shoe: (UK) 6