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THE T-SPOT: Josiah Hyacinth

Welcome once again to the T-Spot, the official MUSTA Talent Spotlight where we highlight some really talented people, from different creative industries.

Source Josiah Hyacinth

Josiah is a 24-year-old creator, photographer, creative director and writer based in Manchester. As a storyteller, Josiah primarily focuses on capturing and creating art and relaying it through different mediums. Being an established photographer and a Creative Director, he has worked with numerous brands to either directly be a part of their campaigning process or to contribute as a consultant due to his expertise within the field. In addition to this, Josiah is known under his brand name, ‘ChuksINC’ as the founder and creative director.

Q1. What do you do?

I am a storyteller. What that essentially means for me is that whether through writing, visual content, or whether that be through directing content, I am able to portray a narrative that people can relate to, enjoy and also feel challenged by.

Q2. What’s your story? Where did it all begin for you?

It began in university where I faced a few difficulties. As an athlete, I really cared about young athletes being able to get access to information. So, when I got to university, I wanted to create a documentary series to facilitate that idea. I partnered with a peer, and we created a space called ‘Young Athlete TV’ where we documented a few athletes across a few sports. That was the first true creative endeavour I started. Alongside this, I began building my platform on YouTube because I sort out to find creative ways to make money to help me through university. This in turn lead to me starting to vlog and create, which was also around the time that I started to notice that I was quite adept at photography. My whole journey started because I had a few problems in life, and I used to think what the best way is I could find a solution with access to what I have around me. I fell into the arts as a means of solving some of the problems that were present in my life at that moment, and it turned out to be life changing.

Q3. What is the most important thing you think you have learnt on this journey so far?

Relationships matter! Numbers, stats, and followers are nice but if you do not have a relationship with the people that follow and connect with you or people do not feel as though they can connect with you, it’s meaningless. I found a power through my relationships. Through the way I handle and communicate with people I work with. It creates a method in which people want to work with me even if they don’t have the ability to. They are constantly reaching out or presenting different opportunities because people can observe how much I truly value relationships. So, I would encourage everyone to be intentional and put thought into the relationship you are forming, because one day they very well may invest back into you.

Shot by Josiah Hyacinth

Q4. What’s your favourite project that you’ve worked on so far?

I struggled to think of one so here are three:

I would have to say one of my favourite projects has got to be shooting an advert with Audi UK, for a release of one of their new cars. The project consisted of us being given money and being able to feed the homeless, whilst using the car to drive around. Personally, that was a really fun project to produce, and being able to narrate story-wise. I enjoyed being a part of it a lot because it had a direct impact to people, and we were able to somewhat make a difference.

A second project that was really impactful and really fun was partnering with Time Out UK, BMW, more than a dozen hotels and food businesses to create a road trip for one of my clients. To which he visited and drove across the UK. Initially, this project was meant to extend over 50 cities across the world, however due to COVID this wasn’t possible. Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to go to different cities across the UK and tell the stories of the culture, immersing themselves within the culture. Not only was this such a fun project to work on but being able to train his wife how to film, and capturing this young family discovering the UK, the culture and life; whilst being able to highlight small businesses along the way was great.

Source Josiah Hyacinth

Lastly, I got to work on with Ernst & Young as a consultant. In addition to, helping create a virtual reality game that would help with internal changes within the company. We were able to create this experience that would help their recruitment process. In addition to help Black people move into more executive positions by helping to show some of their nuances and differences and realities of their experiences. Creating this game that would really be a virtual reality towards some of their experiences plus things that coincided with Black people in decision-making when it comes to apply for a job or going through that whole process. So that was a very interesting project to work on, because it really made a huge impact in one of the top four finances companies in the world and has directly changed how they do some of their recruitment. As well as some of their focuses and how they address diversity of inclusion in their business.

Q5. Creatively what would you say your greatest strength and weakness is?

My greatest strength would definitely arise from the fact that I am incredibly good at making boring things look exciting. Taking somewhat irrelevant moments and making them look exciting and compelling.

On the flip side, my creative weakness is that not every story is worth telling. Sometimes because you care so much you end up getting consumed by so much. Creatively every great story must know when to stop/come to an end. So, learning and having that discernment to know when to let go of a story that may not have achieved its desired intention, is definitely difficult.

Q5. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to gain access into the industry?

Thinking long-term, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. The example that you are searching for that you hope will give you validation might not complete you, so just go forth and create the thing you feel as though you are called to create. Eventually, people hop onto the vision. But I have realised that the most inspirational things that I’ve ever looked up to were just people that did what they felt like they connected to. Personally, at times I have slowed down creating some the most beautiful things I could create by trying to find someone who has already done it so that I feel as though it is possible. But really the reality is that if I can have the belief that it is possible and stop waiting for people to validate me, there realistically is no limit to what I could, or anyone could achieve.

Q6. What does your future look like?

Essentially being wherever God wants me to be. I want to be telling stories that reaching people globally, stories that are genuinely making an impact in people’s lives. Whether that be creatively, whether that being helping to raise money, whether that be helping young people to perceive themselves better. Ultimately, where I want to be is in a position where I can facilitate and aid people to truly live better lives.

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