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The Biggest Problem with Creativity and How You Can Fix It

Creativity, sparks from the ideas in our mind's eye that we can outwardly express for others to see and purchase to get a hold of. It’s a gift to be versed in the arts, in ideas for marketing, in written spaces, and more but you also want to get paid for it.

This begins the first problem that people don’t realise is a problem but can be heard in podcasts presently: charge what you’re worth.

Remember when you were young and you couldn’t do things like make Spaghetti Bolognese? Yes, then you got really good at making it (or another dish), then your friends liked tasting it. Now, imagine if you had boxed it up and sold it, fine-tuned your recipe, and added other things to it. Got dishes tested, promoted it, and set up everything legally from a legal to a business standpoint. You could have had an exclusive meal prep business on the side or restaurant that only delivered using organic products sourced from the UK. The point is to see what you’re good at, refine it, check what makes you unique or set apart from the rest, and put a price to it. Steve Jobs didn’t know what he could do with Apple until he did and now, he charges rent money on a product that is made for one-tenth of the price if we were to buy it directly from the factory (which is not allowed).

A lot of being able to charge comes down to ‘knowing your sauce’ (as the millennials call it) but knowing your worth and the value that you have is vital to setting your standard in the industry. We all have something that we could package and sell if we go through our talent bag. On one hand, we need to charge the correct price, so others know what to expect, but we need the knowledge to charge and produce the content (or food) at the correct standard with minimal errors.

This leads to the second problem that millions aren't doing but is worth the time and sacrifice: get knowledge and get understanding. We know what we’re worth, but we still need the knowledge. The reason you can create a digital painting in 3 hours is that from 16-18 you studied graphics at college, from 18-21 you studied visual arts and made real-life art as well as digital paintings in your spare time. Now from 21-25, you have increased your practice by using the knowledge and understanding to hone your skills. You have also attended additional workshops or courses, as well as talks on the latest techniques or gadgets that assist with your craft. Use the basic knowledge that you have and keep on growing. When you are now creating the product at age 26, after 10 years of study, hobby, online videos, real-world workshops, and some commission you can create the art and fix any errors along the way. By age 30, with more progression, study, and even leading workshops or talks you can look at the artwork 5 years later, see mistakes (with the enhanced eye), and correct or reproduce it to a higher standard.

The third problem can be said in one sentence: market your product or get help and join a group.

The engagement models from consumers knowing of your talent, paying, and receiving it need to be housed and branded. Being a part of a larger team gives space for you to share ideas, access help, and a wealth of information and also grants company protection in case anything goes wrong (lawyers, disputes, and insurance). Not everyone travels down the team route and may do their creative work independently, they then need the knowledge to protect themselves as an individual, market their work, manage customer relations, handle a schedule, know when to say no (as a CEO, CFO, and director of yourself) and much more. It is possible to look after your talent as there are companies such as Musta that is a talent management agency for creatives from all disciplines that create a community space for you to safely bounce ideas and get direct help in what you need to succeed.

These 3 problems are just that, problems. They can be resolved, you just need the right guidance to help you overcome them. Here at Musta, we offer FREE 20-minute discovery calls for creatives, send us your name and contact info via our contact us page. Let us arrange a call and help tailor our services to serve you!

Guest Post written by Kirah Harry.

Blogger, EFL teacher and traveller. Kirah is an advocate for writing and journaling out your thoughts and feelings to give yourself a release and free therapy, her journal prompts can be found in her latest Amazon project, 'Writing Wednesday'. She works with Special Educational Needs children and volunteers with women's empowerment organisations. When she's not working she's travelling and broadening her horizons, Catch flights Not Feelings. Find her on Instagram @hmmkiki //

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