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The 5 Best Ways to Successfully Network

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We know at Musta that as a creative, the artistic pursuit and journey of penetrating within your bespoke field is definitely a difficult task. On top of that, we know we speak for many when we say networking can be such a daunting concept for individuals. Despite this, many can attest that it led to some of the most pivotal moments within their journey and really there is right or wrong way to go about it. But how does one get good at it? Again, a difficult task, but outlined here will be some of the best ways to network and get you confident enough to get yourself into those conversations.

Networking event
Source: Unsplash

1) Know your value/worth

Firstly, the most important thing that you can do for yourself as a creative is to not only believe in yourself but to also know your worth and be able to sell this. Not only do you have to demand value for yourself, but you also have to demand value from yourself. Emphasis on ‘your yourself’ as it starts with you. In other words, an understanding of the skills and abilities that you bring, your craft and being able to present this to this who you may approach and those who approach you. Every individual carries their own perspective, but you must be able to communicate why your perspective matters and how you can make a different/and or add value. To do this successfully, you must know what you bring to the table. (Cliché I know).

2) Utilise mediums such as social media

We live within a world where we are constantly exposed to content from creators, artists, photographers, designers etc. and social media has made everything and everyone accessible. For creators, this is truly what it means to stumble upon gold. Social media is great because not only can you view content, but you can also share content with various people in varying fields, and that is exactly what you should do! Connect! Nine times out of ten, people are always willing to help provide aide, whether that be through mentoring, advice or even connecting you with someone better skilled at providing the assistance necessary. It can be daunting, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So put yourself out there and reach out to at least one person today!

3) Attend events in field of interest

Out of those listed here, attending events might be the easiest method of networking. They provide spaces that are tailored to help you can gain further knowledge and experience of the field, challenge yourself and get the opportunity to meet individuals within the industry who have made or are making a name for themselves. You also come across a wide variety of creatives who also are in the same position as yourself, aspiring to make their mark. Typically, even if opportunities do not arise from the events; the chance to network amongst your peers may be just as or if not more valuable. You may meet people who you could potentially collaborate on projects with, or people who truly support your endeavours and help you further your craft. It is definitely important to invest into other people because they will truly invest back into you.

4) Be intentional with why you want to network

Intentionality is incredibly important. Having a solid idea of why you want to network and what you want to get out of it is pivotal. Not only will it provide clarity for you, but also those you may mentor you, and/or potentially collaborate with. It is important for your vision to be clear. Being able to articulate your narrative, your aims and goals is something you should definitely go over and revise regularly to ensure you are staying true to yourself and moving according to your vision.

5) Become the network

Becoming the network is a bit different from the prior four as you can’t just summon this by the click of your fingers. Rather it requires work on your part but is definitely worth it. Becoming the network essentially revolves around becoming a focal point in which people are drawn to what you produce, have the desire to get involved whether that be through collaborating with you or even creating a space in which you help facilitate creatives.

Ultimately, this point requires you to spend the time developing yourself and your craft, and naturally individuals being drawn to you and what you do


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