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Q. What do Artist Managers even do?

An Artist Manager works on behalf of groups or artists. They promote the artists' careers and run their business affairs.

The job may include:

- Assess talent, their reliability, and determine their market potential

- Advising on career decisions

- Develop itineraries and manage calendars

- Deciding which record producer to work with

- Deciding which songs should be performed

- Analyze data, set goals, and track and measure results

- Draft business plans, marketing plans, and product release plans

- Develop or coordinate marketing, advertising and promotional materials

- Pursue record deals, agency representation, and publishing contracts

- Managing media relations

- Book shows, and tours, and develop touring strategies with agents

- You need to create and manage budgets and cashflow

- Write grants and sponsorship proposals

- Develop and work with production teams

- Create plans to cultivate fan bases

- Understanding artist rights and how royalties work

Managers can only become more reputable by providing good client services, and attracting more top performers onto their books. Some Managers start their career by managing the careers of friends. Others may start off as entertainers themselves, and gain knowledge by promoting their own talents, and some start by gaining a junior job in a record company and work their way up to the role of Manager.

Artist Managers must keep up to date with what's happening in the industry, and they will spend a lot of time establishing and maintaining relationships, using contacts to source work for their clients. They will also promote their clients' work, and will often be involved in liaison during the music recording process. They may also organise and negotiate contracts for releases and publishing, and they communicate with the press.

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