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IN REVIEW: Cheryll's 'Calling You'

R&B singer Cheryll.

Upcoming R&B singer Cheryll delivered some fresh new visuals that we just can't get enough of. So, here's our take on her latest 'Calling You' music video.

Cheryll effortlessly dominates this video with her sultry sexiness. It is very clear that she is not shy in front of the camera. The music video itself paints the tale of a hardworking boss lady, who finds her free time to be very precious and in short supply. She, played by Cheryll, is therefore driven to frustration when the one time that she has time for a guy, he simply doesn't have the time for her. This narrative is all too familiar in our society where women often have to stand back and really question whether indeed they can truly 'have it all'. An excellent follow-up from the earlier 'Need You', Cheryll has once again proved that she has those real sweet vocals. It's therefore no surprise that 'Calling You' landed itself on the official Spotify R&B playlist.

But here's three things that we LOVE about this video:

1) Lighting. The lighting adds so much to this particular video. A lot of the various shots are enhanced this way, and as viewers we see Cheryll in a new light- literally. Great lighting can go a long way folks! 

2) Dancers. Cheryll got some leading ladies by her side to show us how to break it down. The most important thing about having dancers in a music video is making sure that they compliment you as the centre of attention. This video does just that, and the talent demonstrated is just simply overwhelming!

3) Lip Gloss! Hands up if you couldn't take your eyes off Cheryll's lips!? We're super guilty of this. They say that if you look good then you'll feel good, and Cheryll certainly looked good! Could this be the key reason behind such a successful video? You decide. 

In terms of what's next for Cheryll- we'll just have to wait and see.

But for now, if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out Cheryll's Calling You video below:

Be sure to connect with Cheryll on social media:

Instagram: ohsocheryll

Twitter: ohsocheryll

Facebook: ohsocheryll

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