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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Dear Creative,

How are you doing?


Yeah, well I'm not so great. I'm so tired. Like exhausted.


I'm just so sick, and so tired of seeing failing talent. There, I said it.

Do you know just how heart-breaking it is for me to scroll down the TL and see such talented people, putting out AMAZING work, and not getting any attention? That's why, if you follow me on Twitter (and I'm sure you do), I spend a lot of my time RT and sharing good work.

I'm tired, because the solution, in my opinion, is so simple.

People need to start treating themselves and their work as a brand. If they did, then perhaps they would put in the same amount of work into their brand, as they expect from their favourite brands.

Imagine if Apple just dropped a tweet announcing the new iPhone XS Max. They wouldn't dare! They invest thousands of dollars into their marketing because they have come to know that in order to get and, more importantly, maintain people's attention, they had to put in the work.

But that's exactly what your favourite creative, artist, business owner isn't doing…

Are you triggered?

- Plan your work - Do your work - Market your work

It's really that simple. What makes me so confident? Because I've tried it myself and it's worked. Effective marketing has meant that I have a minimum of 5 people getting in touch about my talent management services every single day, and when I've got my pitch just right, it’s bound to be much more.

As I always say, talent isn't enough. It's all in the strategy.

Kind Regards,

#TalentManager (Twitter - @bolu_bello)



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