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3 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Freelance Creative

So you have got the hots for someone who happens to be a freelance creative and they’re even more attractive because, duh, they are essentially their own boss? I don’t blame you. On their social media or perhaps, during a butterflies-in-the-stomach inducing date you get a sense of what goes on in their life, their career—no morning alarms because they barely ever commute like the nine-to-fiver, discretion to pick the projects they want to work on (this information probably spurred you to tweet I just love a person who follows their passion) and loads (and loads) of free time that delights your inner child who doesn’t joke with quality time. They are living the *dream life* and you want to be part of it. Well, caveat emptor! Here are 3 things you should be prepared for before falling in love with a freelance creative:

1) They are never not working

Freelancers don’t have a regular office job but their 'flexible’ schedule just tends to be crazier. If their creative juices start flowing at, best believe that they won’t be sleeping soundly until they get on their laptops and empty that tank, doesn’t matter how long it takes. When they aren’t in front of

their laptops, they are furiously searching for a new gig or brainstorming—mhm, even at the beach in Cancun sipping on a margarita staring mindlessly into the ocean as an annoyed lover repeats their name for the third time. Let me not even begin to talk about the times when multiple clients are hammering them on deadlines for gigs. Eventually, it’s left for you to either see their time away as an opportunity for you to foster your growth and express your independence or believe they never want to spend time with you.

2) Some days, money will rain, other days, it will only be the tears that come with the realization that they have to pay bills for the rest of their life

Simply , put their income isn’t steady. Your freelance creative soon-to-be-partner may spoil you silly with gifts today but they might not do that tomorrow. Before you post any variation of the don’t bring a vibe you cannot maintain meme, pause, breathe and understand that they might just be *drumrolls* broke. There are periods when they earn a lot and even longer periods when they don’t earn, at all.

3) You’re going to work for them

Surprise! Attached to the boyfriend/girlfriend ticket is a complimentary (and mandatory) employee title which you automatically consent to once you accept to date a freelance creative — you really should have read the fine print. Dating a freelance creative means you have to help them brainstorm, review pitches, ensure that they are negotiating competently as well as network for them. Think of it as an unpaid internship, payment in exposure is guaranteed. However, if you are highly averse to doing free work and you’re not going to try and immerse yourself into what they do, the best time to break up with them was yesterday, the second best time is right now. Trust me, it’s for everyone’s good.


If you're a freelance creative, or have dated or still dating one (you're amazing, sweetie) what are other things that come with the territory? Let us know in the comments!

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