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10 ways to be more creative :)

It can feel super tough when it seems as if there's nothing fresh in your brain. We all get like that. But, as usual, we're here to save the day with these tips to get your creatives juices pumping again!

1) Figure out what time of the day you work best.

Discover your most creatively productive time of the day and make it a scheduled daily appointment with yourself.

2) Try to learn something new everyday.

You can learn so much from reading, watching videos, traveling, and even simple conversations. You never know just where your next creative spark will come from.

3) Steer clear of distractions, leave room for collaborations.

Distractions are absolutely everywhere, so find a spot that works well for you. Put off your devices if you need to and just concentrate.

4) Be curious about everything.

You never know when random, seemingly unrelated ideas will come together to form a new idea. So, you have our permission to be nosy!

5) Break it Down.

Break the problem down into its smallest components and rebuild it from the ground up, questioning at every step whether that’s the best way to do it.

6) Try the 30 Circles Test.

Draw 30 circles of different sizes on a piece of paper and do your best to turn each one into an object. This activity encourages you to see beyond what's in front of you, engaging your creativity.

7) Go for a walk.

Sometimes you need a change of pace to clear your mind so you can think straight, and a simple walk could be the perfect remedy for you.

8) Create a mood-board.

Whether you've got an upcoming project due or you're simply seeking some inspiration, mood boards can be incredibly helpful tools when it comes to creativity.

9) Write a Flash Fiction story.

Flash fiction means very short stories, often no more than 100 words. Writing a flash fiction story will help you become more creative as you'll be forced to tell a fleshed out story with a beginning, middle, and end using only a small number of words.

10) Laugh!

Relax, unwind, and watch your favourite film. When you put too much pressure on yourself to be creative, often it becomes very hard to think of something new. Don't forget that creativity is meant to be fun, so take time off so you can enjoy it.

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