Artist Development Programme

We know that to really get ahead and make progress as an artist, you need to have all your basis covered. So we've wrapped up all the "must-know" essential knowledge any artist should have in order to be able to do just that confidently. This programme is ideal for new upcoming artists but also serves equally well as a great refresher course for established artists too, since there's always room for improvement.

01: Finding Your Sound

This module is all about how to identify your sound as an artist. Are you a jazz singer, a soul singer, an R&B rapper or hip-hop? It’s all about identifying which genre you fit into, or if we need to create a whole new one for you. We take a look and discuss some of your favourite artists, and what you love about their sound and if there is anything that you can incorporate into your style- or if you want to create something completely different. We’ll look to see if there are certain instruments or beats that you are naturally comfortable with, or that you’d want to experiment with. The point of this module is to make you more confident in your sound as an artist.

03: Social Media

This module is all about how to use social media effectively as an artist. We’re going to talk about good posting slots, hashtags, engagement, analytics and algorithms. All of this is important as a tool for marketing and publicity of an artist. Also, we will be running through some content ideas in order for you to build a strong and meaningful social media presence and/or following of people who are actually loyal and invested in you. By the end of this module, you will know how to leverage social media in a way that it can open opportunities/doors for you.

05: Music Videos

This module will break down the huge project management task that is shooting a music video. A lot of artists don’t realise that a music video should always add something to the track, if it doesn’t then it’s a waste of time. A music video is not just something that should be done, but is something that should come with great intent. A video can offer great symbolism to the track itself and is another great way to share yourself with your fans. That’s why it’s important to get it right, this module will show you how to manage a successful music video project from A to Z.

02: Branding Fundamentals

This module will help to brand yourself as an artist. We will cover the foundations of branding for an artist which includes brand personality, tone and character. The basis of branding any artist is to identify clearly what they want to be known for, so that every move or decision that is made is done in line with the overall brand strategy. Branding is a lot to do with how consumers or fans, perceive the artist, so it’s important for tapping into the desired target audience.

04: Registration and Royalties

Seemingly the “boring” stuff, many artists kind of don’t pay as much attention as they should to this. We’re going to talk Royalties; what they actually are, what they do, how to claim them. Plus, we’re going to discuss PRS, distribution platforms and streaming sites. This is an important part of understanding the music business and how you can go about earning money.

06: PR & Marketing

A lot of artists think PR and Marketing are the same thing, when in reality PR is just one form of Marketing. This module is going to break down a lot of the myths and misunderstandings people may have regarding PR, by explaining what is it, what its purpose is and how much they should realistically be spending on it. Then, we will look at Marketing. Again, marketing will be explained in depth, focusing mainly on other types of marketing outside the previously discussed social media marketing. The idea module is for you to be able to get a grasp on just how to go about sharing your artistry with the world.

Programme Cost is £150.

Flexible Payment Plans Available.


"First of all, I really appreciate, and am impressed with the professionalism that Musta showed. There was good consistency which is really important in building relationship and pedigree. In addition, there was also good investment in getting to understand me as an artist and where I fit into the sector. I believe the approach was clear and concise and straight to the point. I really enjoyed the newsletters and personal updates and I thought they were really helpful. Communication was good and accessibility was possible which made it easier."


- Toyé, Artist