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We're a talent consultancy agency committed to helping creators be seen as doers and get paid what they're truly worth.

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We work with our clients to build a holistic strategy that will help to advance their careers.

Let us help you to was your flow of admin so that you can focus on what you do best.

Figuring out your next steps can be very overwhelming. Let us help guide you from A to B.


At Musta we believe in working together. We ooze creativity, we thrive on pressure and we’re addicted to creatives. Our clients are more than just clients, they are partners, our success is shared.

Our Core Values


We like to explore as many options as possible, to figure out what's best for you. We like to be as experimental and disruptive - just like our clients.


Having big ideas is one thing, but being able to deliver is something else. We value simplicity in our work because we believe that the simple ideas are the most effective.


We define integrity as saying what we do and doing what we say. We strive to keep Musta a trustworthy and reliable organisation to work with.


When we work together we’re much more than the sum of our parts. We work with our clients in a collaboration to allow goals to be achieved.


It’s not only your talent that’s evolving; the industry moves equally fast. It’s this awareness that keeps us learning new things every single day.


We enjoy what we do, day in, day out. It's that passion that keeps us excited and you will see that from the way we work with you.

Creatives love Musta

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"Just had a great chat with Musta! They put my up on game with content distribution for my organisations APLDaily & 

APLHUB. In our consultation, they were very knowledgable and are efficient with their services."

Chris, APL

"Just had an amazing consultation with MustaI’ve really gained a wealth of knowledge on how to effectively market myself on social media."


"Shoutout to Musta! Just had my first consultation with her & I would recommend to anyone that needs some assistance with any creative projects they are working on!"


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