We are an established talent management agency designed for young, upcoming creatives who deserve to be paid highly for their creativity and talent. We work closely with young people in Rochester, Strood, Chatham and surrounding areas of Kent as well as creatives in London, Manchester and further afield.


Talent Management Agency Serving Rochester, Strood, Chatham and Further Afield

Our creative management services offer you the advice and support you need to build a full-time creative career doing what you love.

How Does it Work?


When we talk, our aim is to gain an understanding of who you are, what you are and what your goals are. Whether you wish to further your career as a web designer, actor, DJ, singer, painter or a digital artist, we can help.


Our talent management solutions are tailored to your needs. Together, we will create a personalised plan of action to offer you direction and work to convert your vision into reality.


As a creative management company, we provide support and connections to enable you to achieve your goals. Meet with other creatives to build a strong support network which will be invaluable in establishing your career within creative industries.


We take great pride in building tight relationships with those who come to us for talent management services. We regularly meet creatives from Kent, including Rochester, Strood and Chatham, whilst also attracting talent from as far as Manchester and London.


From representation, to bookings management, and strategic goal management, our agency is proud to offer a full creative management solution which can be tailored to suit your needs. Visit our Services page for more information about our development packages.  

Talent Management


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